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Our menu is based on traditional home cooked food, but with some surprising modern twists. We always use the best ingreedients available, some  from local providers, others from further afield. Currently we are using: Anthony Andrews Butchers Turnditch who supply superb Derbyshire reared meats; market fresh fish from Stewart Bailey Derby and corn fed breast of chicken, delivered twice weekly, direct from Fance,  our greengrocery is sourced locally and of course wild produce from around coxbench including: apples;  pears: blackberries; plums and soon, sloes.

Reserve a Table

We reccomend you reserve a table by telephone, 01332880835, as we fill up quickly and never want to dissapoint or spoil anyones visit. Please don't try book a table via email as the site is not constantly monitored.

Once you reserve a table we never double book it, or try to rush you away; you are welcome to sit and chat and enjoy a beverage or two.

To reserve a table at the Fox and Hounds please contact us on.

01332 880835


Opening Times

Mondays closed all day

Tuesday from 5.00 pm until 10.00 pm

Wednesday and Thursday:

 Noon until 3.00pm and 5.00pm until 10.00pm


Noon to 6.00pm.

Food Hours

Closed all day Monday

Tuesday: 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm

Wednesday and Thursday:

Noon until 2.30 pm and 5.00pm tuntil 8.30 pm

On Friday and Saturday evening the kitchen is open until 9.00pm.


Noon to 5.30pm for traditional roast lunch.



At the Fox and Hounds our ethos is to provide truely homemade food. We never have to pass  our food off as "homemade" when a butcher or factory has made it, because Tracie prepares  and cooks it all within the four wall at the Fox and Hounds

To do this we source fresh produce from the best local; national; and international suppliers and cook and finish each dish as you order  it. That means when you order your belly pork we re-roast it for 30 minutes, or so, to give it our renown crispy crackling, and your homemade pie has the pastry rolled, crimped on, and cooked there and then to ensure it's at its best when it reaches you.

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Karaoke Nights


The best event we do is welcoming you each and every day we are open, and that's what makes us so good.

That said, we have had some really fantastic events, including:

Book Signings - By Chez Martez, Vivian Edwards Series

Modern Art Exhibitions.

Summer Beer Festivals and Barbeque.

Great Bonfire and Firework Display.

Hunt Meets. 

However, if you want something really personalised we can do that too, so:


Wedding Receptions.


National Lottery Winning Parties.

Or anything else you might need, well perhaps


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